Cheryl Whiting

Cheryl Whiting

Masters of Clinical Research MRes(Clin)

I’m passionate about teaching students on this programme because the students themselves are passionate about the work that they do. I get a sense that they really care about their patients and they want to make a difference through the research they undertake. It’s very rewarding to see students develop and grow, and gain confidence to become very proficient researchers.

The students always comment that they see a range of diverse range of research methods being applied across a whole range of disciplines, and they feel they learn a great deal from these methods and from seeing what people do within their own healthcare practice fields.

There’s a lot of energy within the programme, lots of lively debate and people sharing their experiences and perspectives. It’s a dynamic environment here because we offer the opportunity to apply knowledge to their own specific area of interest, and there’s always new research to inform their practice.