Child centred interprofessional practice

Child centred interprofessional practice

Awarded by Kingston University

Kingston University is a pioneer in the field area of education within the United Kingdom – offering you the very best student experience. Studying this area will provide you with meaningful insights into the roles and responsibilities of your own and allied professions to improve the safeguarding of children. It strikes a balance between theoretical and practical elements that are shaping the emerging interprofessional children and young people’s workforce.

We are proud to offer a range of child centred interprofessional development education courses for all professionals from foundation through to masters level.


Why choose us?

  • Working in partnership with the Department for Education, we are pioneers in a field that spans many disciplines and promotes understanding of the work involved in safeguarding children in care. Disciplines include social work, education, law, nursing and business management
  • Child centred interprofessional development is a cutting-edge field emerging due to the changing nature of the workplace and the growing need for safeguarding children
  • The Institute for Child Centred Interprofessional Practice (ICCIP) – a research centre set up to support child centred interprofessional practice and run within Kingston University – ensures that teaching is up-to-date and relevant
  • Jessica Johnson, our leading academic for child centred interprofessional practice, is vice-chair of Sector Endorsed Foundation Degrees in Early Years of England

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Child centred interprofessional practice teaching news

Professor of Social Work Ray Jones challenges Ofsted’s effectiveness in tackling child sexual exploitation policies in his article for Guardian’s Social Care Network.

Ofsted is inadequate to inspect child sexual exploitation policies. Inspection plan risks finding widespread ‘failure’ as Ofsted unlikely to recognize the multi-agency approach needed for protecting children.

Jayne Price

Dr Jayne Price commended by Prince Harry at the WellChild Awards

Dr Jayne Price, associate professor, Children’s Nursing was presented to Prince Harry at the Well Child Awards at the Hilton at Park Lane in September.



Child centred interprofessional practice teaching research

Early years student

Helping frontline staff to learn from serious case reviews of child neglect

The Faculty’s Institute for Child Centred Interprofessional Practice (ICCIP) has been investigating how practitioners and managers can learn from Serious Case Reviews (SCRs).