Undergraduate breast imaging

Undergraduate breast imaging

Awarded by St George’s, University of London

Gain knowledge of screening and symptomatic breast imaging. You will be equipped to meet the demands of diverse patients, and analyse the role of health promotion and interpersonal awareness. Kingston and St George’s offer a suite of courses in breast imaging, diagnosis and care – including foundation and postgraduate study.


Why choose us?

  • We are the only provider of a foundation degree in breast imaging in England
  • 90 per cent of our students are satisfied with the quality of breast screening education
  • Students are employed within a breast imaging unit and attend five individual academic tuition weeks. They also receive distance learning supported by a work place-based practice educator

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Breast imaging news

School of Radiography alumna Danika Marmara appointed Director of Cancer Care Pathways for Malta.

Danika studied with Kingston and St George’s for several years achieving an MSc in Medical Imaging (Mammography) in 2010.