Applied pathophysiology in children


Applied pathophysiology in children

This module is for healthcare practitioners working with acutely ill children. The delivery of acute/critical care to children is dependent upon the clinical practice of practitioners and the sound theoretical underpinning of developmental anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. This module will enable practitioners to apply these principles to the care of children with common paediatric presentations and congenital defects. The module serves as a core module for practitioners wishing to specialise in PICU and will be of relevance for those caring for acutely ill children in other settings.

This module will enable students:

  • Develop and enhance their knowledge and skills when caring for acutely ill children and their families.
  • Have a forum to discuss research and evidence-based practice and address contemporary issues related to caring for children and their families within acutely ill and high dependency settings.
  • Develop their knowledge and skills to enable them to care competently for acutely ill and high dependency children (Level 1 critical care; NHSE, 1977).


Learning outcomes:

  1. Apply developmental knowledge, anatomy and physiology when conducting a nursing assessment of an acutely ill/high dependency child.
  2. Critically analyse how a child’s body adapts to and compensates for physiological deficits and derangements.
  3. Critically analyse and discuss the pathophysiology surrounding common illnesses/congenital deficits requiring acute/high dependency care in relation to the presenting signs and symptoms.
  4. Apply an understanding of altered physiology when critically appraising the care/management and treatment required by acutely ill/high dependency children how physiological responses may be understood/determined.
  5. Utilise knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology to assist children and their families in understanding their condition and the care/treatment they required and/or receive.


Who is the module for? Nursing practitioners working within PICUs, general paediatric areas, A & E and HDUs caring for acutely ill children.

Module code: HP6047X

Number of credits and level of study: 15 credits at level 6

Assessment: Written examination

Location: St George’s, University of London

Pattern of Delivery: 5 days

Module dates:*

  • 10, 11, 17, 18, 24 January, 7, 14, 21 February , 7, 14 March 2018

*Dates may change

Fee: £800

Module leader: Elisabeth Podsiadly

Programme: This module is part of the Healthcare Practice DipHE/BSc(Hons)/GradCert


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