Leading and managing people in social work and social care practice


Leading and managing people in social work and social care practice

This module provides the opportunity for students employed in management roles in social work to expand their understanding of leadership and management behaviours and processes, and what these mean for organizational culture, team building, staff management and development and making decisions. It will provide the opportunity for those in or joining first line manager positions to reflect on their management behaviours, enhance their capability in effective leadership and people management skills, and increase their capacity to be influential within and between teams.

Students will identify relevant and appropriate professional examples for discussion and draw on research and theory to reflect on, analyse and improve their practice and performance.

Learning outcomes:
On successful completion of the module, students will be able to:

  1. Analyse the organizational, political, legal and professional complexity of the context in which they lead, manage and support social workers and make decisions
  2. Discuss critically theories of leadership including sociological and psychological perspectives
  3. Select, apply and reflect on management behaviours and skills that can influence organisational culture, team building and promote effective people management in social work contexts
  4. Identify relevant and appropriate pieces of professional practice in leading and managing social workers for study and analysis and apply methods, models and skills in a critical appraisal of their individual practice in light of the theoretical and ethical perspectives
  5. Evaluate and critically reflect on own professional practice in leading and managing people in social work practice and in meeting the challenges of service delivery

Who is the module for? Practitioners at advanced and professional capabilities framework (PCF) for social workers strategic levels

Module code: SW7030

Entry criteria:

  • Qualified registered social workers.
  • Applicants must normally be working in settings that will allow them to undertake the practice elements of the programme.

Number of credits and level of study: 30 credits at level 7

Assessment: To be confirmed.

Location: Kingston University

Pattern of Delivery: 35 hours of study

Module dates*
19 May 2017
*Dates may change

Fee: £1,440

Programme: This module is part of Professional Education and Training PgCert/PgDip/MA