Leading and managing in social work and social care organisations


Leading and managing in social work and social care organisations

This module concentrates on the knowledge and capabilities required to successfully be a leader and manager within the context of social work organisations. It is targeted at current and prospective team and service managers and equivalent post-holders. Students will identify relevant and appropriate professional examples for discussion and draw on research and theory to reflect on, analyse and improve their practice and performance.

This module aims to equip participants to:

  • Analyse effectively the political and policy context for social care and social work in order to produce informed leadership responses.
  • Enhance comprehension of organisation structures, dynamics and cultures, including the different legal type of social work organisations , using data and performance information and financial planning and management.
  • Develop and enhance their leadership and management competencies and capabilities, including managing change, working across organisational boundaries and project planning and project management.
  • Draw on a range of relevant research, evidence, frameworks and literature to inform their understanding and self-assessment.

Learning outcomes:

    On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

  1. Produce, present and defend a proposal for change and improvement within their organisational context, drawing on a well-researched critical analysis of the policy context and the current situation pertaining within their organisation in relation to need and resource management
  2. Identify relevant and appropriate research, theoretical and ethical perspectives to support proposals for change, showing ability to evaluate critically competing perspectives
  3. Evaluate and critically reflect on own leadership and management practice identifying strategies for their ongoing professional development


Who is the module for? Social work and social care managers – please note that students who study this module along with another module can gain a postgraduate certificate and can progress to obtain a master’s degree.

Module code: SW7031

Entry criteria:
Applicants must normally be working in settings that will allow them to undertake the practice elements of the programme.

Number of credits and level of study: 30 credits at level 7

Assessment: Presentation and a written justification of proposal and plan for a change and improvement project.

Location: Kingston University

Module length: 6 days

Module dates
25 May, 15 June, 13 July 2017

Fee: £1,440

Programme: This module is part of Advanced Social Work MA