Practice education stage 1


Practice education stage 1

Students who complete this module successfully will be able to supervise, teach and assess social work degree students up to but not including the final assessment prior to qualification. At this stage they may contribute to the last placement but not take full responsibility for assessment or act as the practice educator on a day-to-day basis.

Students undertaking this module are required to undertake a practicum which entails acting as a stage 1 practice educator to a degree in social work student on a first placement (70 days).

The module includes practice assessment and is for practitioners at social worker/experienced social worker level.

A Postgraduate Certificate in Practice Education can be awarded if this module is studied together with Practice education stage 2.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Discuss and explore their own perceptions and understanding of social work practice and analyse and appraise these in the light of the requirements for social work practice education and expectations of achievement at the End of First Placement Level (PCF) and the Standards of Proficiency for Social Work (HCPC).
  2. Devise curricula for practice learning in social work in applied settings, including report writing within applied settings, reviewing these in the light of experience and feedback (PEPS Domain A and B: Stage 1 requirements).
  3. Create and manage an environment which maximises the learning that can take place within the workplace and organise opportunities for the demonstration and assessment of students’ competence and capability (PEPS Domain A: Stage 1 requirements).
  4. Facilitate and enable learning and professional development of social work students in practice, including enabling the learner to identify and critically evaluate ongoing learning and development needs consistent with their area of practice and level of experience (PEPS Domain B: Stage 1 requirements).
  5. Undertake the holistic assessment of learners in practice, by designing and using effective assessment tools to judge capability in professional practice, communicate assessment decisions and outcomes and contribute to standardisation arrangements and quality assurance processes (PEPS Domain C: Stage 1 requirements).
  6. Discuss critically their own values, attitudes and practice in relation to ethical practice in professional practice education in social work and show enhanced understanding of the origins and implications of discrimination and power relationships (PEPS Values Requirements).

Who is the module for? Registered social workers with two years or more post-registration practice experience

Module code: SW7010

Entry criteria:

  • Qualified registered social workers.
  • Applicants must normally be working in settings that will allow them to undertake the practice elements of the programme.

Number of credits and level of study: 30 credits at level 7

Assessment: Reflective report, training manual and delivery of two training events

Location: Kingston University

Module length: 30 hours seminars, lectures, workshops, skills lab sessions on supervision skills and 10 hours practice assessment in the workplace

Module dates*
16 May, 12 June 2017
*Dates may change

Fee: £1,440

Programme: This module is part of Professional Education and Training PgCert/PgDip/MA