Bridges Self Management – Masterclass


Bridges Self Management – Masterclass

Bridges Master Classes aim to support lead practitioners and managers previously trained with Bridges, to implement self-management support into a multidisciplinary team or service and support them to become key change agents.  Self-management support describes a range working practices influenced by different contextual factors which pose challenges to embedding and sustaining self-management support in the long-term.

What is the aim of the master class?
To develop longer-term strategies for sustaining and evaluating a shared approach to self-management support across a team or service.
What do other practitioners say?
– Practitioners enjoyed the opportunity to share experiences and learn from other Bridges-trained colleagues.
– Good to take time out to reflect on what is working and isn’t working in current practice.
– An opportunity to reconnect with Bridges staff who can provide guidance and support in clinical practice.

Learning outcomes:

  1. To evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your team/service’s activities relating to self-management support.
  2. To understand the policy drivers behind self-management support, including health behaviours, health outcomes and service utilisation
  3. To explore barriers and facilitators to sustaining a long-term shared approach to supporting self-management within a multi-disciplinary team
  4. To formulate strategies that will embed and sustain self-management support into team and organisational processes
  5. To be aware of ways to evaluate the impact of self-management support in clinical practice.


Who is the module for?  Practitioners from any clinical profession, who have previously attended Bridges training and are in a position to influence working practices (i.e. service development, change management) in their own workplace.

Module code: BRDG001

Location: Central London

Pattern of Delivery: Master Classes take place over one day (10am-4pm) with a maximum group size of 8-12 participants, usually at a central London location.

All participants will be expected to participate in the workshop by sharing their practice experiences and learning from each other through active learning methods.

Module dates

  • Dates for 2017/18 to be confirmed

Fee: £216

Programme: This module is part of Bridges