Therapeutic observations for healthcare assistants (specialing)- 2 day package


Therapeutic observations for healthcare assistants (specialing)- 2 day package

This 2 day course will enable healthcare support workers to safely and competently undertake the delegated role of observing and caring for a patient with altered behaviour, impaired / fluctuating mental capacity or who is displaying signs of confusion. The learning activities used will enable course participants to develop competency.

Content will include:

• Principles of effective therapeutic engagement and working with families and significant others
• Handing over your patient
• Raising and escalating concern
• Caring for individuals with delirium and dementia, emphasis on communication approaches and responding to distress
• De-escalation techniques and responding to challenging behaviour
• Working with individuals who are agitated due to head injury
• Understanding and responding to hallucinations and delusions

Who is the module for? Healthcare Assistants

Module code: CD0228N

Location: St George’s, University of London

Number of credits and level of study: 15 credits at level 7

Assessment: Written case study

Pattern of Delivery: 2 teaching days

Module dates:*

  • Dates for 2017/18 to be confirmed

*Dates may change

Fee: £290

Study day leader: Michelle Radcliffe and Iris Gault