Professor Tom Quinn


Welcome to the Faculty of Health Social Care and Education’s research, working in partnership with Kingston University and St George’s, University of London (hereafter referred to as Kingston and St George’s). We are a joint enterprise that combines the research expertise and resources of a modern university with those of a long-standing established medical school in the United Kingdom.

We aim to undertake research that makes a difference to health, social care and education services, to the public and to disciplines of nursing, paramedic science, midwifery, rehabilitation sciences, social work, radiography and teaching. We look forward to sharing with you our passion for making a lasting difference to the health, social care and education provision for service users and patients, whether through our research degrees or specialist expertise.

Professor Tom Quinn FRCN FESC FAHA FACC

Associate Dean for Research and Innovation and Director for the Centre for Health and Social Care Research


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