Integrated and Collaborative Working and Learning

Integrated and Collaborative Working and Learning Research Group

The Integrated and Collaborative Working and Learning Research Group has been established with the aim of advancing knowledge of interprofessional and integrated working in health and social care.

By building on the diverse collective expertise of the group’s members, outputs will range from the conceptual and theoretical to the empirical and practical, exploring professional collaboration with a truly multidisciplinary focus.

The group’s respective contributions are productively varied in approach, encompassing review work, case studies, curriculum design, evidenced based practice, realist evaluations and many others. In addition to having attracted significant funding in recent years alone, the interests and unique knowledge of the group’s members presents considerable opportunity for further, high quality and far reaching research development.


Lead: Rick Hood, Associate Professor, FHSCE

Coordinator: Simon Fletcher, Post-doctoral researcher, CHSCR


Post-Graduate Students:

  • Sherryn Evans, PhD Student, PhD student, Faculty of Health, Deakin University, Australia
  • Ellen Paladini-Stone
  • Rachel Toyonaga, Master Student, Advanced Nursing Program, Western University, Canada
Current Projects
  • Pharmacy Roles Project
  • Patient safety: Policy representation and practical translation
  • Interactions in an Intensive Care context
  • The effectiveness of interventions to promote patients and families’ involvement in adult intensive care settings: a mixed-method systematic review
  • Expanding postgraduate clinical research capacity: An exploration of key resistances
  • Representations of interprofessional education, practice and research in five Northern European institutions: A documentary analysis
  • Theories of Power: An Interprofessional Editorial
  • Interprofessional, Digital Health Care (digital health) interventions for Chronic Disease Management
  • Investigating online interprofessional learning and communication using social network analysis
  • Self management in stroke rehabilitation – A Foucauldian analysis
Selected Projects and Grants
  • NIHR RfPB systematic review on the effectiveness of interventions to promote patients’ and families’ involvement in adult intensive care settings (2017 – 2018, £118,975)
  • NIHR study of Home-based health for vulnerable older people (2014 – 2017,  £7,478)
  • NIHR RfPB Test n Treat project (£2,155)
  • Nuffield funded study into children’s social care (2018 – 2020, Nuffield Foundation, £263,652, Identifying and understanding the link between system conditions and welfare inequalities in statutory children’s social care services (PI: Rick Hood) and the
  • Merton SOC study (2017 – 2018 Home Office/London Borough of Merton, £10,000. Evaluation of Merton Serious Organised Crime initiative)
  • Selected Publications


    Simon Fletcher