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Current research students and projects

Christine Atkins (PhD)

  • A study of newly qualified social workers, health visitors and police officers ability to work together in the team around the child in order to improve the effectiveness of interprofessional working.
  • Supervisors: Professor Ruth Harris; Dr Eleni Hatzidimitriadou

Ruth Baker (MRes)

  • A comparison of the standardised 6-minute walk test with a non-standardised walk test to assess for ambulatory oxygen therapy on discharge from hospital post-acute respiratory episode.
  • Supervisor: Dr Agnieszka Lewko

Laura Cole (PhD)

  • Exploring family relationships when people with dementia need intimate care.
  • Supervisor: Professor Vari Drennan

Alessandro Corezzola (PhD)

  • Gene therapy for chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.
  • Supervisors: Professor Vari Drennan; Dr Karen Whiting (Kingston University)

Sheila Donovan (PhD)

Mirella Genziani (PhD)

  • An Interpretative phenomenological investigation of stakeholder agencies experiences of Section 136 (UK Mental Health Act) process.
  • Supervisors: Professor Mary Chambers; Dr Stephen Gillard (St George's, University of London)

Lindsay Gillman (MPhil/PhD)

Deborah Harding (MPhil / PhD)

  • Supervision in the Allied Health Professions (AHPs): A qualitative exploration.
  • Supervisors: Professor Annette Boaz; Deborah Bowman

Suchita Hathiramani (MPhil/PhD)

  • A comparison of exercise training with relaxation intervention in lymphoma patients post-chemotherapy.
  • Supervisors: Dr Ahmed Younis; Dr Ruth Pettengell; Dr Hannah Moir

Averil Kathan (PhD)

  • An analysis and comparison of child protection practice between South African trained social workers and UK trained social workers practising in the UK.
  • Supervisors: Professor Ray Jones; Professor Mary Chambers

Sian Koskela (MSc by Research)

  • Examining the experiences of women with mental health problems as victims of crime; does the context in which the crime occurred influence the subsequent experience and the impact on women with mental health problems?
  • Supervisor: Professor Vari Drennan

Maria Koulopoulou (MSc by Research)

Diana Moehrke (PhD)

  • Intercultural learning as lived experience – exploring the experiences of international students and staff through a critical pedagogical lens.
  • Supervisors: Dr Victoria Perselli; Dr Marina Lambrou

Carla Pereira (PhD)

Eva Said (MPhil/PhD)

Alexei Sammut (PhD)

Emma Shellim (Prof Doc)

Jo Skinner (PhD)

Raymond Smith (PhD)

Portia Woodman (PhD)

  • A critical study of the barriers to participation after stroke.
  • Supervisors: Dr Fiona Jones; Dr Ann Mackenzie; Dr Afsane Riazi (Royal Holloway, University of London)
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