Ms Gill Mein

Ms Gill Mein

School: Allied Health, Midwifery and Social Care

Job Title: Senior Research Fellow


Phone: +44 (0)20 8725 4642

Location: St George's, University of London


Gill is a senior lecturer and senior research fellow. Previously she worked as a health visitor and midwife before moving into higher education. She has also worked overseas for non-governmental organisations in primary healthcare development projects and on emergency healthcare programmes, and in 1993 she obtained an MSc from the Department of Public Health and Policy at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Gill currently teaches on the MSc in Rehabilitation and the BSc in Physiotherapy. She is the module leader for the postgraduate module Critical Practice.

Gill has considerable research experience and is currently involved in several studies. She is a co-applicant on a research project examining the dissatisfaction of carers of stroke patients with social care services. Ongoing work from the Whitehall II study is examining retirement from work and health inequalities and participant participation in longitudinal studies. Her research interests include participation in longitudinal studies, ageing, retirement, exercise interventions in longitudinal illnesses, and the satisfaction of carers of stroke survivors with social care.

Gill is also a senior facilitator for Teens and Toddlers, a successful organisation working with teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds and on preventing teenage pregnancies.

Academic and professional qualifications

  • PgCert, Teaching
  • MSc, Health Promotion, Public Health, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
  • PgDip, Health Visiting - North London Polytechnic
  • Registered midwife, , Kings College London
  • Registered nurse, , Kings College London

Research interests

Participation in longitudinal studies; ageing; retirement; exercise interventions in long-term illnesses; the satisfaction of carers of stroke survivors with social care.

Grants and funding

  • 2012
    NIHRSSCR £269,887 (co-applicant). A qualitative exploration of ethnic differences in satisfaction with social care amongst older carers of stroke survivors
  • 2008
    Atlantic Philanthropies. £76,000 (co-applicant) Retention of Older participants in Longitudinal Studies
  • 2004
    Nuffield Foundation £70,000 (co-applicant) Study of predictors and early exit from the work force


Number of items: 21.


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Conference or Workshop Item

Witty-Merrin, Adam, Joshi, Miraj, Dawes, Jo and Mein, Gill (2018) Impact of bicycle provision on the health of refugees in London : a qualitative study. In: Public Health Science 2018 : A National Conference Dedicated to New Research in UK Public Health; 23 Nov 2018, Belfast, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Gray, C, Cole, M and Mein, G (2016) Occupational therapy : a vital role in rehabilitation with patients having a circular frame. In: College of Occupational Therapists 40th Annual Conference & Exhibition; 28-30 Jun 2016, Harrogate, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Mein, Gill, Brent, Maria, Byford, Ian, Hall, Nigel, Kahraman, Ayfer and Lindsay, Jane (2015) A review of Public Health Services for older people in the Royal Borough of Kingston: the perspectives of service users and residents. (Project Report) Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, Kingston University and St George's, University of London. 50 p. (Unpublished)

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