Sarah Farnell-Ward

School: Nursing

Job Title: Senior Lecturer



Sarah is a registered adult nurse who has specialised in general intensive care. She currently works in the Faculty as a senior lecturer in intensive care. She also works for the NHS as a team leader in a busy 21 bedded General Intensive Care unit, caring for a wide variety of critically ill patients (including major trauma, elective and emergency admissions, advanced respiratory support, vascular, pelvic, head and neck and other complex surgery).

Sarah has also worked as a research associate and takes a keen interest in nursing research. She has been involved in several research projects which have been published and presented at conferences. Her research interests include pressure ulcer prevention, non-invasive temperature monitoring, patient safety, nurses' socialisation to intensive care and tracheal suctioning.

She holds an MSc in Nursing Research and Practice Development, during which she conducted a quantitative study of non-invasive temperature monitoring in Intensive Care.


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