Photography and video

Photography and video

  • Timings and location

Before the ceremony starts the graduation photographers, Tempest, will be ready and waiting to take a picture of you in your hat and gown.

There is no need to book or pay in advance, just turn up two hours before your ceremony to ensure you have enough time to get the photographs you want. Find out more about timings and locations.

  • Pictures of your presentation

Your picture will be taken as you shake the host’s hand on stage. You can view it and buy it after your ceremony on level 2.

  • StageClip

Celebrate your magic moment with StageClip.

Your special moment on stage will be captured by our official video partner, StageClip. Your StageClip features screen titles showing your name, graduation date and degree subject. It also captures the moment you cross the stage and receive your award. Your StageClip is designed for download to your mobile device and can be easily shared on your social networks. You will be emailed after your ceremony has taken place to notify you when you clip is available to purchase on the StageClip website. You can also search for your clip within the website using your graduation date and time. If you’d rather not be sent the email notification when your clip is ready you will be given the opportunity to opt-out.

  • On the day

University staff and official photographers may be roaming around during your graduation day taking photographs and video clips for the University’s social media channels, website and printed materials. If you do not want to be featured please contact us.