Planning your day

Planning your day

For a handy summary of information and timings for your graduation day, please click HERE

  • Timings for arrival

The ceremonies start at 11.00am and 3.00pm respectively, please see the below timetable for recommended arrival time. We advise that you adhere to these times to allow sufficient time for gowning and photography.

11.00am ceremony 3.00pm ceremony
Suggested arrival time 8.30am 12.30pm
Auditorium open 10.15am 2.15pm
Be seated by 10.45am 2.45pm
Ceremony start time 11.00am 3.00pm
Ceremony finish time (approximate) 1.00pm 4.30/5.00pm

The ceremony runs to a tight schedule and we cannot wait for latecomers. If you are late, you may lose your slot and be unable to be presented on stage.

  • Registration

Please visit the main registration desk on Level 1 and collect your graduate ticket/name card. You will need the ticket/name card to be presented on stage. Please keep this with you at all times.

  • Gown collection

Please follow the signs to the gowning area on Level 2, blue side. Members of staff will be on hand to direct you.

  • Photography

Photography services, provided by Tempest Photography, will be available at your graduation to provide you with professional photographs that will serve as a keepsake and reminder of your achievement.

Priority photography timeslots are allocated to each ceremony, please have your photographs taken within the times listed in the table below.  If you are unable to have photos taken within these times, you can visit the studios outside of these times but you may have to queue for longer.

Please note: you do not need to pay for or book a slot for photography in advance.

Priority timeslots

11.00am ceremony 3.00pm ceremony
8.3010.30am 12.002.30pm

On the day, Tempest will have studios set up to take your photographs on the Level 2 Ballroom. The photographer will give you an order form and brochure, along with proofs to choose from.

  • The ceremony

Before you enter the auditorium, graduates must leave bags, coats etc. in the cloakroom on Level 1 or with your guests. There is a charge of £1 per item in the cloakroom. Graduates will not be allowed in the auditorium with their belongings.

  • Finding your seat

Please sit in the seat you have been allocated. Details are printed on your ticket. Seats have been allocated in alphabetical order for each award so you must sit in the seat number allocated. You must have your name card with you when you sit down. If you lose it before the ceremony starts, please notify a member of the graduation team.

  • What happens during the ceremony?

The graduation programme will detail a brief running order of the ceremony including who will be speaking. There are a few speeches before the graduates are presented on the stage.

  • When it is time for you to be presented on stage, a member of staff will direct you from your seat to the stage. Take your name card with you.
  • You will walk up the steps, hand your name card to the announcer, wait for your name to be called and proceed to the centre of the stage to be presented and shake hands with the Vice-Chancellor of Kingston University or the Principal of St George’s, University of London.
  • After you walk across the stage, you will exit the auditorium and collect your certificate (Kingston University awards only).
  • You’ll be ushered back to a seat in the auditorium which might not be the same one you had before.

The moment you cross the stage will be photographed and filmed. Presentation photos can be purchased after the ceremony.

  • The reception

It’s time to celebrate! After the ceremony, we invite you all for some refreshments in designated areas on the levels 4 and 5 of Royal Festival Hall so you can toast your success with your friends, family, fellow graduates and academics. The ceremony reception will last approximately one hour.

  • Returning your gown

Return your gown to level 2 in the Royal Festival Hall by 5.30pm.

  • Alumni

When you graduate you will automatically become a member of our alumni programmes.

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