Alumni nurse enters the BBC’s Dragon’s Den.

Neomi BennettNurse Neomi Bennett has invented a special pouch to tackle deep vein thrombosis called “neo-slip” that goes onto the foot before tight fitted anti embolism stockings.

She took her invention to the notoriously picky entrepreneurs on the BBC’s hit show Dragon’s Den to ask for investment. More than 25,000 people die in the UK of DVT and most of these are a result of having an operation.

Neomi said: “I needed exposure for Neo-slip so applied to pitch to the BBC’s Dragons Den

“I trained to be a registered nurse at Kingston and St George’s University. I developed Neo-slip in year two semesters and graduated in 2011.

“Both NICE and the Department of Health recommend the use of anti embolism stocking, However, because of their tight nature many people give up on them because they are so difficult to put on. This is where my invention comes in.

“I have a patent pending and a registered trademark for Neo-slip and I am working with NHS England, however this is a very long process so I had to resort to supplying individual NHS hospitals and private hospitals. I also supply several pharmacies in Tooting, Streatham and Mitcham.”

Neo-slip has won 14 awards, including awards from Nursing Times, Nursing Standard, Lloyds TSB enterprise, Smarta100 and Patient Safety Awards 2013.

Watch a demo here.