Associate Professor of Social Work, Keith Davies publishes a book on the ‘Troubled families initiative’ which evaluates the ‘whole family’ approach to families facing multiple problems.

Social Work with troubled families book coverA Critical Introduction to the Social Work with Troubled Families Programme, explores the roots, significance and effectiveness of troubled family approaches in social work.

An important strand of government social policy, the TFP gives rise to a number of ethical and political questions about assertive outreach, choice, use of power and eliding the structural inequalities which, it is often argued, largely account for the difficulties troubled families face. Social Work with Troubled Families: A Critical Introduction debates these issues, offers an examination of the systemic framework which underpins it and looks at the initiative in a broader context.

This interdisciplinary study will be an important resource for social workers, social work students, practice educators and academics for its examination of practice methods. As an exploration of social policy it will appeal to social scientists and to policy makers along with those who seek to influence them.

The book draws on the work of leading scholars in the field. It includes chapters written by Nigel Hall, Prof Ray Jones, Dr Ian Byford, Anna Matczak and Keith Davies of the School of Social Work and Social Care.  The book will be launched at the School of Social Work Conference to be held at Kingston Hill Campus on 23 April 2015.