Building Bridges: Research programme for self-management support


Professor Fiona Jones of the Centre for Health and Social Care Research at Kingston University and St George’s University of London is leading a programme of research which aims to widen the reach of self-management support to individuals with complex disabilities through new and innovative approaches appropriate to these groups.

Carried out through co-production, participatory and mixed research methods, the research emphasises the involvement of individuals living with complex disabilities, their families and healthcare practitioners in the research process. It aims to reduce inappropriate dependency on health care services and improve the quality of life of clients and their families.

The findings have directly informed the work of Bridges Self-Management Ltd, a social enterprise set up through Kingston University and St George’s University of London to support the production of tailored self-management resources, training in self-management support, and change management services.

The research has influenced the UK’s national clinical guidelines for stroke, and has been incorporated into a recent Cochrane review of self-management programmes for people who have had a stroke.

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