Charlie Taylor, Chief Executive, National College for Teaching and Leadership, praises the School of Education’s collaborative approach which offers great outcomes for their Early Years students.

Outdoor Learning

Charlie TaylorCharlie Taylor during his speech for Nursery World Business Summit 2014 has praised Kingston University and Bright Horizons  for their pioneering partnership work saying that “For both parties it was a leap into the unknown that required a relationship of trust and openness. Training with Bright Horizons gives trainees the reassurance of a job on gaining their early years teacher status and a world of opportunity within the organisation; training with Kingston University gives them access to inspiring tutors, a world class university experience and a Master of Arts (MA) pathway.”

Daryl Maisey, Associate Professor and Director of Studies responded, “We very much appreciate Charlie Taylor’s recognition of the collaborative and trusting ethos that the Kingston Early Years Team has endeavoured to create with all our partners.  We firmly believe that early years students, employers and mentors are very much part of our team and that it is together that we generate continued innovative, creative and inspiring practice as we strive for excellence.”

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