Anne-Marie Hassenkamp

Anne-Marie Hassenkamp

Applied exercise for health

I trained in physiotherapy in Germany and worked in Africa for a while, then came to Britain and worked in many different areas. I’m torn between being a physician and an academic; over the years, I’ve done quite a bit of both!

We try to be as flexible as possible with the Applied exercise for health courses so that the student immediately can use their own experience, their work background and really use it as much as they can in their student work life. Most of our students are in the workforce, so from a development aspect, our courses can be step-off points or stand-alone modules to build a portfolio of experience.

What I enjoy most in my role is being with students from varying backgrounds who are all looking for something different within the course. They might be a healthcare professional looking to upskill their team, or a physiologist or exercise professional who spends their personal time and money fulfilling the vision of their potential, which I think is fantastic. Being able to work with colleagues from different backgrounds also widens and changes one’s own perspectives along the way.