Annette Boaz

Annette Boaz

PhD co-ordinator

One of the things we would say about studying a PhD anywhere is that it’s a challenging pursuit. A PhD is not to be entered into lightly but it does bring great rewards. The good thing about doing your PhD at Kingston and St George’s is that it’s an innovative and quite exciting environment bringing together two very different institutions, and attracting all different types of people and studies to learn from as you go along.

I think the most memorable feedback we receive from students is around the enthusiasm in the Faculty, and the level of support that people feel is beyond what they’ve experienced before. We certainly have a strong commitment within the university to teaching and learning, which is fully supported throughout the institution.

A PhD shouldn’t be undertaken lightly and one of the things we like to do is offer the opportunity for people to come and talk about their proposed ideas before people come to apply to the university. We encourage people to contact us with ideas, and to think through whether there’s a PhD in that idea, and it gives us an opportunity to explain how we will support them within the university.