Carmel Blackie

Carmel Blackie

Adult nursing

My specialist area is primary and community care and I have a big interest in child and family health. I manage specialist lecturers and we have people with experience in public health, acute adult care interfacing with the community and more. Our area of interest in research is developing integrated care, which is what my team try to do.

I would say we do a good job in supporting students, and those with exceptional problems or needs are very quickly spotted and helped. People who are very able are also quite quickly spotted and supported. We try to make every student feel like an individual when taking the course; staff go the extra mile to help people. I think, coming from a clinical background myself, if someone comes to me with a problem I go into help-mode and I think my colleagues do that too.

One of the unique things about students at Kingston and St George’s, is that they’re part of a medical school. Nursing, although it’s taught at a university, isn’t an academic discipline on its own, it’s a hybrid. While students are university students, they’re also entering into a profession so the way we prepare students to register is potentially more important than what they need to do to gain an academic qualification, because public protection is at the heart of what we’re trying to do.