Daryl Maisey

Daryl Maisey

Early years

I was a qualified teacher and working in schools, and became involved in working in a nursery and absolutely fell in love with working with the child and the extended family. I enjoyed looking at early interventions for children so they really do get the best possible support early in life, I think the foundations of learning, inspiring curiosity is part of the responsibilities we have and I think that’s what excites me the most.

One opf the things we love to do with students is debate some tricky issues, things that can be quite difficult to articulate, things that are challenging in practice, and we do that in a safe environment so the students really get a chance to explore their perceptions of the work they do on a personal and professional level. I think a lot of the students, when they give feedback, say how the opportunity to talk about those things has really enabled them to grow in confidence and become the professionals they are today.

The highlight of my career would have to be seeing the students that come to Kingston and St George’s grow, in terms of their professionalism, their confidence and the impact they’re having on practice, in a positive and constructive way. I like to see what they perceive to be their inspiration at the time – being the tutors, resources and people they’ve met – in turn, they become the inspiration for the work we continue to do here.