Gill Mein

Gill Mein

Rehabilitation science

One of the things I enjoy most as an academic at Kingston and St George’s is that my work is very practical and it’s very applied; you deal with real people. I love having students, particularly the mature ones, develop and gain in confidence throughout the programme and achieve something that they might have thought at one stage they couldn’t do.

I try and make the course more inspiring by getting our students involved in group discussions and tutorials; all the students have different experiences and therefore different viewpoints on the subjects. I’ve been teaching here around eight years and I find the most exciting things about the projects I see is that, due to the changes to the NHS and current healthcare practice, our students challenge new procedures, whether they’re working and the implications for patients.

As a way of keeping the course up to date, every year we invite outside experts in to talk to our students about changes in the NHS, and different care and management of different types of patients and people.