Gita Ramdharry

Gita Ramdharry

Rehabilitation Sciences

I’m an associate professor on my research basis, so I research rehabilitation strategies for people with neuro-muscular conditions, I also teach the undergrad physiotherapy course, and I supervise masters and PhD research at Kingston and St George’s.

My research career has been varied and as an allied health professional, we have to work hard to keep researching in our fields as you get plenty of knockbacks and rejections, so when you do gain grants or recognition for what you do, that’s a real highlight. The support from the Faculty here at Kingston and St George’s has kept encouraging me to do that, and so far my biggest achievement has been my research being recognised by the Faculty and resulting in a promotion to associate professor, based on my research.

My role at Kingston and St George’s is very varied, I spin lots of plates, I treat patients, I teach students, I do research and everything that entails, and I really like getting people excited about research. I like bringing on students, research therapists and assistants to work with me, and when I see that enthusiasm and they are hungry to know and explore, that’s what I get more satisfaction in because that’s bringing in the researchers of the future. If I can instil a little bit of my passion in them to be able to go out and question things and do the best they can to answer some of those questions to make life better for our patients, then that’s great – we’re building an army!