Iain Beith

Iain Beith


I’m passionate about developing other people, whether it be the students or staff, that’s a real special interest for me. What I enjoy most about my role is helping people to develop their skills for their future roles.

I have always been interested in the educational side of my profession; I’m a physiotherapist at heart but I love education so that’s why I chose to get involved at Kingston and St George’s and other various universities. I’ve enjoyed cutting my teeth on some leadership roles in this environment. The staff here work really hard to liaise and collaborate with other staff across the faculty, but also very much with practice, in co-delivering and co-designing the work that we do.

I always enjoy watching our students graduate, when we hold our graduation ceremonies at Royal Festival Hall in London. Sometimes it even brings a bit of a tear to the eye, particularly when you see students who previously might not have even thought about completing higher education; when you see them walk across, you can feel the pride for them and from their families who are there.