Julie Hendry

Julie Hendry

Therapeutic Radiography

I’m the course director for the undergraduate programme of therapeutic radiography at Kingston and St George’s. I think it’s important that we make the course more challenging and inspirational for students, and the way I like to think I do that is by acting as a role model to them, to be a radiographer that they inspire to be. I want to share my core values, my enthusiasm and my passion for therapy and radiography, for teaching and obviously for the patients we care for. We have a range of students, some have done degrees already and some are fresh out of school, so life skills can vary despite the entry requirements so we need to keep everyone interested.

The reason I’m so passionate about the profession is that I really want to make a difference; I think when people are going through tough times, to be able to have a positive effect even if you can’t cure the patient is phenomenal. The feeling you get when patients come back to see you years later and say they’ve had their follow up and they remember you and you remember them, that is such a wonderful feeling. Now I’m in education, obviously I don’t have that same patient experience every day, but I have my students, and to think I can influence them (hopefully in a positive way) so they have those same values, beliefs and passion for the profession is equally wonderful for me.

We evaluate every module in every year and we ask the students what they think; what we hear every year is that they really enjoy the dissection room! They get to literally learn their anatomy in a hands-on way, I think it’s very memorable and they can really see the value of that facility. They also enjoy the year-long placement, because although it’s hard work, but they really feel part of the team, they build on and consolidate their skills, and it brings them up to be at a level where they’re ready to practice.