Lana Lowrey

Lana Lowrey

Therapeutic radiography

My personal interest in the field of radiography is within the patient journey. I think a good radiographer is one where the patient goes home and doesn’t remember that they’ve had radiotherapy that day; it doesn’t take over their lives and it’s about being able to do our job effectively and well, whilst maintaining control with the patient.

What I really enjoy most about my role is the interaction with the students. I really enjoy the fact that students can enter a lecture with very little idea about the topic, and two hours later they leave having loved the discussion.
I think the experience at Kingston and St George’s is rewarding, challenging and rounded. It’s not a standard academic program; students are out in the workplace whilst juggling assignments. We also like to produce holistic radiographers – we not only teach them the technical aspects, but also the patient care aspects, and the communication skills required.

It’s a rewarding environment because it’s good to see students who quite often come to us, having not really had a true grasp of what a therapeutic radiographer actually is, and seeing them graduate a few years later all excited to go out into the workforce and make changes.