Leontia Pillay

Leontia Pillay


My own specialist areas really relate to public health, and the impact on the woman, her family and also maternity services. Public health is very high in the government agenda and we really need to start looking at issues with regards to domestic abuse, teenage pregnancy, mental health issues and obesity. We do this in the later part of the course for the students because it really builds on their experience of midwifery and they’re the things that actually influence practice.

In order to ensure the courses are inspiring for the students, we really evaluate what the students say about the courses and take this on board when we develop new ones. We’re required to validate our programmes with the Nursing and Midwifery Council every five years, and we do a lot of analysis on what to keep and what to improve. We work closely with our clinical partners and people representing the trusts, to ensure the midwives are ready to practice.

In clinical practice, I think the most exciting thing is to be with a woman when she has her baby. It’s extremely exciting and you feel very privileged to be there. As an educator, I’ve been out in the clinical area supporting the first year students, and it’s brilliant to see them so happy and sharing their experiences when they do something they’ve never done before and getting it right!