Martyn Keen

Martyn Keen

Mental health nursing

The reason I came into mental health nursing is it’s a fascinating, rewarding job to be in. By coming into academia, it allowed me to have access to a larger population that will have a positive influence on changes in mental health care for the future.

My special interest areas in mental health nursing really equate from my clinical experience; I’ve been in the field for 23 years, and my background is predominantly in community care. As a lecturer I enjoy seeing students grow, not just as professionals but also as people, and I enjoy that point, usually every summer, when people have graduated and gone on into their careers and come back to show us what they’ve produced; for me, that’s the highlight of my job.

When students speak to me about how they’ve developed as individuals and where our support has influenced them, not just to become better professionals but to become better people – I think the feedback I’ve had in relation to those points has been the most powerful. Teaching at Kingston and St George’s has been a life changing experience.