Mary Brady

Mary Brady

Children’s nursing

I have been interested in children’s ideas of the concept of the ‘good nurse’ for a long time. I think as professionals, we’ve all got our own ideas about what a good nurse should be like, but I wanted to find out what children felt, so I researched it for my masters degree. I also looked at what students need, in preparation for their first placement; we’re looking to see what they want and how they want to be prepared, and how their placement lives up to their expectations – sometimes it’s not what they thought it would be!

To make the courses more inspiring and challenging for students, we have a variety of assessments to stretch and challenge them. The content is half practical and half theoretical so the student can also spend a lot of time interacting with children and families.

It’s a versatile, dynamic and influential environment at Kingston and St George’s. We have a wide variety of patients and families so our nurses have to be versatile, the industry is constantly changing and the nurse needs to be equipped to deal with the changes in a positive light to make the best of the changes for their patients, influential because we are influencing the health and wellbeing of our children and young people, families in the local area and of course nationally.