Susan Watson

Susan Watson

Working with children and young people

What I most enjoy about my role is seeing the development of students from the time they come, quite anxiously and lacking in confidence to the university, to fully formed graduates who are ready to step out into the workplace or take on further study at a masters’ level. I find it exceptionally rewarding to know that I’ve played a part in that.

I chose to be involved in social care academia because I am committed to, and take pleasure in the learning process and teaching students about my particular areas of interests, which are children and young people and the laws that relate to them. I also enjoy being part of a learning community that seeks to further knowledge in the social care arena.

This brand new course is designed for people who have a passion for working in the field, but they haven’t yet decided what area to specialise in. One of the things we do to make the course inspiring and challenging is to offer the students many practical experiences alongside their studies, so they’ll be undertaking field trips, practical exercises, making visits to different services and undertaking interesting placements.

The feedback I’ve received from students is very positive; one of the real advantages of the course is that it’s a small course, only recruiting 25 to 30 students each year so they receive a lot of attention from their personal tutor, and they really get to know the staff and we get to know them, so it’s a very supportive experience for students.