Victoria Perselli

Victoria Perselli

English language teaching

My role in English language teaching came about through happenstance; although I have to say English is a field I’ve been very involved in for a long time. I love writing and exploring the English language in diverse ways, but I had never had the opportunity to work with linguists until 2006 when we were approached by two institutions in China to develop a collaborative programme in the area. It was more complicated than we imagined, but it got us talking about involving the subject at a postgraduate level and we progressed from there.

Some of my most memorable occasions with students have to be at graduation. It’s an incredibly symbolic, important time and I really enjoy it. Seeing how many students come through our courses and then return for graduation is a wonderful feeling.

If someone wants to come and do the course at Kingston and St George’s, I would say be prepared to be focused and work very hard; it comes and goes very fast. Students often don’t realise just how intense the talking part of the programme is, and you need to be organised in terms of your preparation and follow-up. You certainly hit the ground running once you’re enrolled in the course!