Wilson Muleya

Wilson Muleya

Social work

The highlight of my career so far has been students coming back to me and telling me that the things I explained in the lectures didn’t make sense, but that they applied that theory in practice and it worked and they finally understood it. When they realise they can adapt the theory to benefit the service users they’re working with, that’s really rewarding for me. My special interest area is mainly around how we use theory and translate it into practice, so enabling students to learn the theory first and then develop ways of making sense of that theory when they are out in practice. Safeguarding is my other area of interest, and working with other professions to ensure the service users we work with, particularly children and their families, are safeguarded.

I think one of the key points students have made about our courses is the ability to have access to a range of professionals, particularly where they have specific interests. One of the areas that regularly comes up is where social work students would like to understand more around the health needs of some of the service users they support, like dementia for example, and we have colleagues who are researching and writing about these needs.

Social work is a discipline is delivered by a multi professional team, so at Kingston and St George’s we have opportunities to engage with other professionals that our students will encounter in practice, like nurses, medical doctors, physiotherapists and we also have the School of Education within our faculty so that includes children and families that we support.