School Observations Clarification Email

School Observations Clarification Email

Firstly, we wanted to say how much we are looking forward to meeting you again and working with you in September.  We hope that you are finding the information on the website useful but do please contact us at if there is anything that you are unsure about or would like to discuss further.

We also wanted to clarify the initial lesson observations that you will have been arranging and completing before the course starts.  We understand that it may be difficult to arrange observations in the week beginning 5 September in which case you should arrange and complete the observations before the end of the summer term.  Ideally, you should arrange to spend time in both primary and secondary schools but what is important is what you learn from these observations and how they inform your development in your PGCE year.  We have found that students with recent experience, particularly secondary and primary Years 5 and 6, benefit greatly from the experience and its positive impact on their development.

In the Observation Booklet, you will find a section with details of tasks to complete during these initial observations.  You may need to be flexible about these depending on the school(s) that you visit and the observations that you are able to do.

We look forward to meeting you again on 12 September.

Best wishes,

PGCE Secondary Team