Interview and selection day: BA(Hons) Social Work

Interview and selection day: BA(Hons) Social Work

Thank you for your application to study Social Work, and congratulations on your invitation to our interview and selection day.

Here is the information about the event, how to prepare and what to bring with you. Please read all of the information carefully, including the information in PDF documents.

Before you come:

Documents you must bring with you

You must bring photographic identification, and one copy of this, with you to your interview. We would ask you to upload any qualifications that you have already achieved following the instructions sent with your login details

Declaration of Suitability

One of the documents you must bring with you concerns your suitability to train for social work. We are responsible for assessing that all students are suitable: 1) to train in social work, 2) to engage with service users and carers during placements and 3) to be registered by Social Work England upon successful completion of the course.

Our Declaration of Suitability asks you for the information which we need to assess your suitability for social work training. It covers: criminal convictions, disciplinary matters, certain personal involvement with social services, health, disability and required competencies. The Declaration gives more detail about why we need this information.

The Declaration of Suitability is a very important document and some of the declarations are quite complicated and detailed. Please allow yourself sufficient time to read the pack carefully and to answer the questions honestly and fully.

It is very important that you make a full and honest declaration on this form as any issues that come to light later may lead to you being excluded from the course.

All offers of places are conditional upon a satisfactory outcome to this process.

Please download and print two copies of the declaration – one to sign and return to us on the interview day, and one to keep for yourself.

Interview and selection event programme

The interview and selection event begins at 09.15hrs with a welcome and introductions. We will review the documents we’ve asked you to bring with you. It is important that you arrive promptly as the written test will start at 09.30hrs – if you are late then we try to arrange for you to take the test later in the day, but we cannot guarantee to do this, and you will probably be delayed. Following the written test, there will be a short presentation about the programme followed by the interviews, a group role-play exercise and a campus tour.

  • Written test: This is designed to test applicants’ ability to read and understand English, and to write appropriately on a set subject related to social work. As above, the written test will start at 9.30am. It is 30 minutes long and is supervised. Scripts are double marked by social work lecturers. If you have a recognised learning need/ disability then you will be given additional time for writing, provided you bring formal documentary evidence of your need/ disability.
  • Interviews: You will have a set of four interviews, each 6 minutes long. Each applicant has one individual interview with 1 or 2 service users or carers, one with 1 or 2 social workers from a partner agency and two interviews, each with a social work lecturer. During your interviews you will be expected to talk about your motivation to study social work and your relevant skills and qualities. You should also be prepared to demonstrate some background knowledge of social work and social care, to show that you have researched your choice of course and profession. We will want you to talk about your experience which is relevant to social work, and to discuss something you have read recently which is relevant to social work.
  • Group role-play: This exercise will be in small groups – maximum 6 applicants – and will involve a discussion concerning a task of relevance to social work. We will be looking to see how you communicate with other people, and how you reach decisions
  • Campus tour: You will have the opportunity to take a tour of the campus which is usually with one of our current students, including looking at our state-of-the-art Practice Learning Suite.
    This is our usual and preferred format for interviews. However there may be unexpected circumstances, e.g. illness, which require us to make last-minute changes to the format.

Criteria used in selection:

The exercises used in selecting our students are designed to enable us to assess applicants against the Entry Level of the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF). For example, we will be assessing applicants’ understanding of the role of the social worker, their motivation and commitment to become a social worker, their ability to reflect on and analyse their experiences, their values, their understanding of difference and diversity within society and the importance of equal opportunities, that they can communicate clearly and are receptive to the views of others.

The PCF can be found on the website of the British Association of Social Workers.

After the selection and interview event

We aim to let you know the outcome of this selection process on the day, or if that is not possible, within two days. However, the formal decision via UCAS can take about two weeks.

Please note that if you make any declarations about suitability, then there will be a delay whilst these are considered.

Please look at your UCAS TRACK for the decision. UCAS will normally email you to tell you that a decision has been made.

If you are made an offer, you will receive a number of emails from Kingston University which tell you about your offer and what you need to do next.

If you firmly accept our offer at UCAS, you will also be sent emails about our ‘Getting Ready’ website which has further information about your course and the start date. Occupational Health forms and information about completing a Disclosure and Barring Service application will be sent to you in July.

Please be sure to keep your personal details updated at UCAS, so that you receive all the information from the University and the Faculty.

How to find us

The interview and selection event will take place at our Kingston Hill campus. Kingston University has three main campuses – the Kingston Hill campus is about a mile from Kingston town centre (around 15 minutes by bus). For maps and directions see:

  • Note: If you are travelling by car and parking within the campus, you will need to  provide your car registration number to the reception staff in the Stable Block on arrival.  As you enter the site, take the right fork and stop at the first building on your left – this is the Reception.  You should allow at least 20 minutes to collect your pass, park and walk to the selection and interviewing building.

We hope you enjoy the event

The documents needed and the tests may seem a bit daunting, but remember this is your opportunity to decide if you want to come and study with us. The day is for you to find out what you can expect from the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education as a student social worker, as well as what we will expect from you in return. It will be a day of discovery for us both.

We look forward to seeing you at your interview.

  • You may wish to download our Interview and selection day checklist [PDF] which gives you a quick one-page summary of the key information here – what you need to prepare and bring with you.

Any queries or concerns?

Please email if you have any queries or concerns about the interview and selection day or if you would like a paper copy of the documents listed here.