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Planning and delivery of training

This module aims to develop the training skills of professionals designing and delivering social and health care training to professionals. On this module students will design, develop, deliver and evaluate a minimum of two training events in a professional setting. They will also develop a training manual related to their chosen training which can be used by other training staff.

Students taking this module are required to identify and analyse learning and development needs which might be met by the provision of training. They will then undertake independent research and develop a short training programme to meet these needs. Specialist tutorials are provided to ensure that the content of the training programme is fit for purpose.

This module is suitable for those undertaking training and development roles in health and social care settings.

Learning outcomes:  

  • Develop an informed and justified rationale for a proposed training programme based on appraisal of their current professional contexts and professional, organisational and learners’ needs
  • Design a detailed plan for training, showing the ability to identify a range of a range of possible training and learning approaches, appraise relevant factors impacting of the delivery of training, including resource implications, and select courses of action appropriately.
  • Apply knowledge and understanding of learning processes in facilitating learning in groups through presentations and activities and utilise methods of evaluating and improving training programmes.
  • Evaluate their own practice in planning and delivery of training and utilise feedback, to refine training programmes and present this in the form of a training manual which could be used by other trainers.

Who is the module for:  

The module is for experienced and advanced level professional educators and practitioners.?

Module code:   SW7012

Entry criteria:  

Applicants must normally be working in settings that will allow them to undertake the practice elements of the programme. They will normally be registered professionals in social work or health.

Number of credits and level of study:   30 credits at level 7.

Assessment:   Reflective report, training manual and delivery of two training events

Location:   Kingston University

Pattern of Delivery:   Course length: May 2017 to May 2018 (35 hours workshops and group tutorials and observation of training practice in a work setting).

Module dates*

*Dates may change

Fee:   £1657

Module leader:   Ms Dale Van Graan (primary)

Planning and delivery of training