Clinical breast examination and client communication

This module is designed around an attendance of one week to provide the foundation for understanding and relating all of the key processes involved in breast diagnosis. It is then followed by 6 to 9 months of learning in a professional environment within healthcare.

This develops and extends the participants' clinical expertise necessary to contribute to the multidisciplinary approach in the diagnosis of breast disease. It will facilitate the participants' decision making skills based on a broad appreciation of the tools and techniques that underpin the diagnosis of breast abnormalities and incorporates both academic and clinical components.

The module will also facilitate and enhance the necessary development and application of the participants' communication, counselling and interpersonal skills and will include interactive participatory learning.

Learning outcomes:  

  • Examine and evaluate clinically a woman presenting to a breast unit in order to add value to the health care management of the woman and the decision making process within the context of the triple approach to assessment of abnormalities.
  • Review anatomy, physiology and pathology of the breast and correlate reported image findings with clinical findings.
  • Critically evaluate the triple approach to assessment procedures associated with detected abnormalities and diagnosis.
  • Critically reflect on and assess factors which enhance or inhibit effective communication in the practitioner-patient relationship through the application of theories and models of communication and counselling to their working practice.
  • Apply decision making to judge interpersonal situations which are beyond the student's own ability or role and which may need more specialised intervention.

Who is the module for:  

ALL registered healthcare professionals practising within the breast care field with at least two years' full-time clinical experience and a degree/diploma or equivalent. We welcome applications from Nurses, Radiographers, Radiologists, Breast Clinicians, GPs and Associate Physicians

Module code:   RA7003

Entry criteria:  

Registration as a healthcare professional with an appropriate regulatory body and a degree/diploma in a healthcare profession. Professionals should be practising within the healthcare field and have at least two years full-time clinical experience.

Number of credits and level of study:   30 credits at level 7.

Assessment:   Clinical log book with reflections and case study, essay and objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). **PLEASE NOTE: The Logbook must include an appropriate range of normal variation and pathology from women presenting from both routine screening and symptomatic clinics

Location:   Jarvis National Breast Screening Training Centre, Guildford, Surrey GU1 1LJ

Pattern of Delivery:   Course length: 5 days over 1 week plus self-directed study

Module dates*

  • Tuesday 3 December 2019
  • Tuesday 5 May 2020

*Dates may change

Fee:   £1690

Module leader:  


Please Email Postgraduate Radiography , Who will be happy to help you with any queries.

Clinical breast examination and client communication