Dissertation (for postgraduate radiography MSc)

This module builds upon the principles outlined and knowledge acquired during the 'Research and evidence based practice in healthcare' postgraduate module. It provides the component beyond postgraduate diploma to enable the completion of a masters degree.

Professionals are consistently expected to be able to provide an evidence base to prove the effectiveness of their professional interventions.

This module provides students with the experience of utilising all principles of research design. Following submission and approval of a dissertation proposal the student is provided with a project supervisor to facilitate support for both the project and dissemination material.

The students will be required to undertake an independent piece of research study into a topic relevant to their own field. The aim of the module is to develop in-depth theoretical, analytical and research skills.

Learning outcomes:  

  • Systematically plan and execute practical research relevant to medical imaging, oncology practice or breast care with specific attention to time management, research governance, ethics and health and safety.
  • Critically appraise the relevant literature to develop an independent and focused research proposal and seek appropriate forms of approval.
  • Critically evaluate relevant research methodologies relevant to their research topic of their choice.
  • Select and justify data analysis techniques which are appropriate to the specific research question and critically analyse data with insight and understanding and specificity to the research question.
  • Demonstrate the ability to present research findings, evaluate and analyse this finding and propose recommendations.
  • Have developed skills appropriate to the presentation of scientific research results e.g. published article, poster presentation etc.

Who is the module for:  

Registered healthcare professionals with at least two years' full-time clinical experience and a degree/diploma in a healthcare profession. Successful completion of RA7015 (research and evidenced based practice in healthcare) or equivalent is a pre-requisite for entry to this module.

Module code:   RA7006

Entry criteria:  

RA 7015 Research and evidence based practice in Healthcare

Number of credits and level of study:   60 credits at level 7.

Assessment:   Written report and dissemination of findings

Location:   Kingston University

Pattern of Delivery:   Course length: 1 day workshop plus 2 to 3 half-days (by negotiation) for supervision meetings.

Module dates*

  • Monday 11 November 2019

*Dates may change

Fee:   £3380

Module leader:  


Please Email Postgraduate Radiography , Who will be happy to help you with any queries.

Dissertation (for postgraduate radiography MSc)