Dr Irene Tuffrey-Wijne publishes new research on patients with intellectual disabilities

Irene TuffreyDr Irene Tuffrey-Wjine, Senior Research Fellow at Kingston and St George’s, is one of eight authors who have had research published recently in the BMJ Open medical journal. The research was gathered using interviews, questionnaires and observations carried out on NHS staff, carers of patients with intellectual disabilities, an expert panel and adults with intellectual disabilities

The research outlines the following key barriers for the implementation of reasonable adjustments on healthcare services: lack of effective systems for identifying and flagging patients with intellectual disabilities, lack of staff understanding of the reasonable adjustments that may be needed, lack of clear lines of responsibility and accountability for implementing reasonable adjustments and lack of allocation of additional funding and resources.

Dr Irene Tuffrey-Wijne’s research – The barriers to and enablers of providing reasonably adjusted health services to people with intellectual disabilities in acute hospitals: evidence from a mixed-methods study

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