Interprofessional education activities under review

Notes in a lab

Interprofessional education (IPE) is a learning activity implemented around the world, designed to enhance collaborative abilities (knowledge, skills, behaviours) in order to deliver high quality care to patients/clients.

In an effort to understand the most recent effects of IPE, a Best Evidence Medical Education (BEME) systematic review update is currently underway following a previous review in 2007.
This update aims to evaluate the effectiveness of different types of IPE activities, including their associated cost implications, on a range of outcomes, including impact on the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the learner, and subsequent change in organisational practice and /or benefits to patients/clients.

IPE is increasingly being offered at varying stages in the pre and post qualification of education of many health and social care professions, as well as a continuing education offering to experienced professionals. This study will search, identify and evaluate studies of all types of educational, training or teaching initiatives, involving more than one profession in joint, interactive learning.

The participants will be a range of chiropodist/podiatrist, complementary therapists, dentists, dieticians, doctors, hygienists, psychologists, psychotherapists, midwives, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, radiographers, speech therapists, social workers, care or case co-ordinators and managers.

Led by Professor Scott Reeves, review team members are based in three countries. Searches of electronic database and journals are underway, and the results of this review are expected to be published late 2015.