Kingston and St George’s support the ‘Come back’ course – helping nurses to return to practice.

come back to nursingThis course is designed to update your nursing skills and knowledge, so that you can return to work and become re-registered. It is sponsored by Higher Education South London.

The joint Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education at Kingston and St George’s has many years’ experience of delivering this course with our practice partners, and has received excellent feedback from students.

Supportive tutors and mentors will lead the learning experience and skills-based practise, enabling a re-entry into the nursing profession as a confident and competent practitioner.

What to expect:

  • course fees paid
  • additional financial support towards travel, childcare and book costs
  • clinical placement organised in either a primary care or hospital setting
  • theory and clinical-based training
  • access to a mentor
  • preceptorship support once you have gained employment
  • simulation techniques to practice skills

This module responds to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) requirements for all nurses who have had a break in practice to undertake a formal programme leading to the renewal of registration and re-entry to registered practice.

Recruitment starts in November 2014.

Read more about the campaign and how to apply here.