Education Research Group

Education Research Group

The academic members of staff within the School of Education have developed research expertise within a broad range of contexts and settings and in all phases of the education sector: from Nursery to Higher Education, from work-based and intercultural learning to the formation of inclusive and international curricula. A broad range of participatory and networking opportunities for experienced, early career and student researchers provides a strong foundation for rigorous, research-led pedagogy and praxis.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) form the core of the Education Research Group; acting as catalysts for the development of conceptual, theoretical and empirical-based knowledge generation with dissemination through academic publications, conferences, seminars and workshops. Recognising the potential for multi and interdisciplinary perspectives, the SIGs actively seek to develop and extend networks within and beyond the University; crossing discipline-related thresholds and creating synergy between theory and practice.

With a strong and long-standing commitment to continuing professional development and practitioner research, the School of Education also possesses a portfolio of award-bearing programmes including the Master of Research (Education) which provides suitable preparation for those considering doctoral studies in this field.

Special Interest Groups

STEM (Dr Mick Allen)

Early Years (Daryl Maisey)

Inclusion and Social Justice (Dr Paty Paliokosta)

Technology and Pedagogy (Dr Dejan Ljubojevic)


DrĀ  Ruth Wood (Education Research Group Lead)