Health and social care for people with long term conditions and their family carers

Student applying pressure to a womans wrist

Health and social care for people with long term conditions and their family carers

– including musculo-skeletal problems, dementia, stroke, mental health problems and people with learning disabilities

Improving the quality of care that health and social care service users receive is a significant focus for the faculty. We have expertise in the areas of musculo-skeletal problems, dementia, stroke, mental health problems and learning disabilities.

Case studies of research that have shaped the outcomes of care are can be found within our key interest areas:

Musculo-skeletal problems
Physiotherapy student applying pressure to patients wrist

Breakthrough research to self-manage and cope with pain through exercise

Mike Hurley, Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences, has devised a rehabilitation programme for patients with chronic knee pain caused by osteoarthritis.

Social work students

Communication And Respect for people with Dementia: Student learning (CARDS)

CARDS is an innovative educational programme for pre-qualifying health and social care students. It is aimed at improving the education and training of health and social care students to work effectively with people with dementia, through theoretical components and an opportunity to interact with people with dementia in a care home.


BREATHE platform for informal care givers

‘Support for the Informal Caregiver in Long Term Care of elderly people; Platform for self-assessment and efficient management for informal caregivers (BREATHE)’, is an interdisciplinary research project


Incontinence and people with dementia living at home

Incontinence in people with dementia is distressing, adds to the carer’s burden, and influences decisions to relocate people to care homes.

Active Residents in Care Homes Programme (ARCH)

ARCH: Active Residents in Care Homes programme.

The Active Residents in Care Homes (ARCH) programme is designed to bring greater physical, mental and social activity to elderly people living in care homes.


Kingston University and St George’s academic awarded MBE for outstanding services to stroke rehabilitation

Professor of Rehabilitation Research Fiona Jones included on the Queen’s Birthday honours list


Building Bridges: Research programme for self-management support

Professor Fiona Jones is leading a programme of research for self-management support for individuals with complex disabilities.

Fiona Jones

Group self-management after stroke

Group self-management after stroke. Fiona Jones is collaborating with Dr Nick Ward and his team at University College Hospitals to explore the feasibility of delivering the Bridges stroke self-management programme (SMP) in a group setting.


Self-management VOICED project

Fiona Jones is collaborating with a team of researchers from Southampton university led by Dr Sara Demain to explore the self-management outcomes which matter most to patients.

Mental health
Menatl Health student and actress

Change in policy and practice in psychiatric hospitals in Finland

Professor Mary Chambers is at the forefront of research into improving mental health nursing practices, and increasing service user involvement in Europe.

People with learning disabilities
Nurse outside hospital with two patients

Promoting a safer hospital environment

Hospital patients with learning disabilities face longer waits and mismanaged treatment due to nursing staff’s failure to understand them, according to a report released in 2014 by a research team, including Dr Irene Tuffrey-Wijne.

Student nurses with elderly patient

Improving end of life care for people with learning disabilities

Pioneering research by Dr Irene Tuffrey-Wijne, into end of life and palliative care for people with learning disabilities, has helped transform services and change public policy in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Irene Tuffrey

Dr Irene Tuffrey-Wijne publishes new research on patients with intellectual disabilities

Dr Irene Tuffrey-Wjine, Senior Research Fellow at Kingston and St George’s, is one of eight authors who have had research published recently in the BMJ Open medical journal. The research outlines the factors that both hinder and enable adjustments to healthcare services for patients with intellectual disabilities in National Health Service (NHS) hospitals.

Current and recent grants

NIHR Social Care, A qualitative exploration of ethnic differences in satisfaction with social care amongst older carers of stroke survivors, Dr N Greenwood; A Bowling; Dr G Mein, (£272,877), 2012-2014

Health Foundation (Insight), What self-management outcomes matter most to patients, family care-givers, healthcare professionals and commissioners? Exploring consensus and difference, Dr S Demain (PI) (University of Southampton); Dr F Jones (co-applicant), (£238,212), 2014-2016

EU FP7 , Ambient Assisted Living Programme Platform for self-assessment and efficient management for informal caregivers (BREATHE), Dr P Remagnino; Dr F Florez-Revuelta; Prof B K Pierscionek; Dr D Monekosso; Prof M Chambers, (£284,545), 2013-2016

NIHR RFPB, A feasibility study of a self-management stroke programme (SMP) : a cluster randomised controlled trial, Dr F Jones (PI); A Drummond; A Bhalla; A Riazi; Dr C McKevitt; S Lennon; H Gage; M Christopher, (£248,675), 2012-2014

SW London AHSS, ‘Bridges Everyday’: an evaluation of training care staff in the principles and every day application of self-management principles, Dr F Jones, (£11,125), 2012-2013

NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Research Award, Changing practice in dementia care in the community: developing and testing evidence-based interventions, from timely diagnosis to end of life, Dr S Iliffe (PI, University College London); Dr J Warner (Imperial College London); Prof. C Goodman (University of Hertfordshire); Prof J Manthorpe (KCL); Dr V Drennan; Dr G Rait (University College London); Prof M Knapp (London School of Economics); NIHR Programme Grant (£2 million), 2007 -2013

Big Lottery Fund, Experience of victimisation and access to justice for people with mental health problems, B Pettit; S Koskela (Victim Support lead organisation); E Mamo (MIND); P Moran (The Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London); Dr V Drennan, (£488,124), 2010 -2013