Inclusive Health and Wellbeing Research Group

Inclusive Health and Wellbeing Research Group

The Inclusive Health and Wellbeing (IHW) Research Group focuses on health interventions for hard to reach groups and those at lifespan transitions. The IHW team research rare and hard to reach populations or those at transition points in their lives. Hard to reach groups are those with rare conditions or the socially excluded. Transition points include maternity, wellness to ill-health and age transitions across the lifespan.


Current projects

  • South London CLAHRC Pilot study of midwifery practice in Preterm birth including women’s experiences
  • NIHR Pre-doctoral Clinical Academic Fellowship

Previous projects

  • Home based balance training for people with Charcot Marie Tooth Diseases: A feasibility study.
  • Effect of plantar vibration on balance for people with inherited neuropathy
  • Development of  Bridges Self-management resources for people with neuromuscular diseases
  • Detection of Small for Gestational Age Fetus – a cluster RCT of the GAP programme ‘DESIGN trial’
  • NIHR Birthplace Choices Project (with NPEU, University of Oxford)
  • NIHR RfPB ‘Feasibility of high intensity interval training in pulmonary rehabilitation programmes for patients with interstitial lung disease and preliminary efficacy of its long-term benefits’
  • Toward a model of self-management: Identifying gaps and needs in services for patients with Interstitial lung disease.


Dr Kirstie Coxon