School of Social Work and Social Care Practice Learning Suite

school of social workKingston and St Georges’ School of Social Work and Social Care now has an in-built Work Practice Learning Suite. The Suite provides social work students with facilities to extensively practice their communications and relationship building skills, as well as their assessment, intervention and reflection skills.

The School of Social Work has a long standing reputation of have preparing a solid foundation for its students to develop their skills. The Practice Learning Suite is part of this legacy with provisions that includes learning resources and appropriate technology for simulated interviews, preparation and recording/reviewing of practice exercises. Postgraduate students use the suite to practice their skills in management and supervising staff and students on placement.

Ms Kathleen Henderson, Senior Lecturer in social work, is the Practice Learning Suite Manager and co-ordinates the skills development curriculum. Students learn about communication skills and are provided with varied learning opportunities such as simulated interviews with peers and service users, taking referrals over the phone, dealing with distressed and angry service users, making home visits and attending multi-disciplinary meetings. These simulations are recorded and the students are able to watch themselves and receive constructive feedback from peers and tutors.