Self-management VOICED project

Fiona JonesDr Fiona Jones is collaborating with a team of researchers led by Dr Sara Demain from Southampton University to explore the self-management outcomes which matter most to patients.

This two-year programme of work, funded by an Insight award from The Health Foundation, explores the views of patients and families living with stroke, colorectal cancer or diabetes, and healthcare professionals and commissioners to identify areas of consensus and difference about outcomes they consider to be important. The study will complete in Spring 2016. Find out more about the first stage of work comprising a systematic review.

Funding for the project is £238,212.

Demain, Sara H., Boger, Emma, Latter, S., Hankins, Matthew , Kennedy, Anne, Foster, C., Jones, F and Kellar, I(2014) What are the outcomes of self-management that matter to stakeholders? Study protocol for the self-management VOICED project. Working Papers in the Health Sciences, 1-7.

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