Senior Lecturer celebrated by Nursing Times for community care nursing

Neesha Oozageer GunowaThe Nursing Times is one of the most prominent nursing practice publications in the United Kingdom, and an important reference tool for the latest development in nursing practice.

“Mrs Oozageer Gunowa said she was honoured by the article that was published, and that teaching students how to care for the next generations has become her passion.”

“While completing the post-graduate certificate of nursing, I was deciding what my next challenge would be and identified that I would have to either become a specialist nurse or a nurse manager. Neither option was ideal for me as I have always been perceived as a team player and found it hard to establish an autocratic view in practice,” Mrs Gunowa said.

“One day, while completing a bespoke course, I met a nurse educator who explained that there are three possible avenues within nurse development and listed` management, specialist or educator’. I decided at that point, I was more of a nurse educator – providing facilitation to learning in a structured approach. I strongly believe that the best place to provide individualised care is at home in familiar surroundings”.

“Community nursing has evolved significantly over the past decade, with more complex care shifting into the community. Community nurses need to be equipped to best suit the needs of the local population and as a result; nursing curriculum needs to reflect this change with greater focus on autonomy, nurse confidence and thinking outside the box.”

Congratulations Neesha from Kingston University and St George’s!