Dr Karolina Gombert

School: Centre for Health and Social Care Research

Job Title: Research Associate


Phone: 020 8725 4756

Location: 6th Floor, Hunter Wing, St Georges University of London


10.2011 - 07.2012 MPhio, Development Studies, University of Cambridge
05.2013 - 12.2016 PhD studies, University of Aberdeen Applied Health Sciences
03/2015 - 04/2015 Study visit at the Centre for Health Law and Policy Innovation (CHLPI), Harvard University

Relevant Presentations
08. - 10.04.2014 Child and Teen Consumption Conference, University of Edinburgh
16.05.2014 'Under-served' or 'Hard to Reach'? Community and participatory approaches in health research, Symposium, Coventry University
10. - 12.09.2014 BSA Medical Sociology Conference, Aston University, Birmingham
29.10.2014 Community Food and Health Conference, Glasgow
06.11.2014 Annual Public Health Conference Scotland, Aviemore
04.2015 Talks about the Projectwork, CHLPI, Harvard University
26.05.2015 Facing the Future, Forum, University of Dundee
30.06.2015 'Food, poverty and policy' Symposium, University of Sheffield
05.11.2015 Scottish Faculty of Public Health Conference, Peebles
19.11.2015 Scottish Educational Research Association (SERA) Conference, UoA
27. - 29.04.2016 Child and Teen Consumption Conference, Aalborg University
23. - 24.06.2016 'Children and Young people in a changing world', Liverpool Hope University
28. - 30.11.2016 Poster Presentation UK Stroke Forum, Liverpool

Relevant Publications

(1) Nabajyoti Choudhury, Asitava Deb Roy, Soumitra S. Datta, Karolina Gombert, Robin van Dalen (2017). Awareness of cancer among blood donors in a tertiarycancer centre in Eastern India. Indian Journal of Pathology and Oncology, January-March 2017;4(1):12-17.
(2) Gombert, K., Douglas, F., McArdle, K & Carlisle, S. (2017). "Contradictions between Wanting to and Being Able to Practice Food Shopping: The Experiences of 'Vulnerable' Young People in the North East of Scotland". GJHSS, Volume 17, Issue 6
(3) Gombert, K., Douglas, F., McArdle, K & Carlisle, S. (2017). 'A Capabilities Approach to Food Choices.' Food Ethics.
(4) Gombert, K., Douglas, F., McArdle, K & Carlisle, S. (2017). 'Failure as Learning: Photovoice as Methodology in Research with Marginalised Young People'. Excursions Journal, 7(1).
(5) Gombert, K., Douglas, F., McArdle, K & Carlisle, S. (2017). 'Exploring the Lives of Vulnerable Young People in Relation to Their Food Choices and Practices.' World Journal of Education.
(6) De Ruiter, H. & Gombert, K. (2016). Organsing a conference to facilitate interdisciplinary interaction. Education in the North, 23(2), 148-153.
(7) Gombert, K., Douglas, F., McArdle, K., Carlisle, S. (2015). Reflections on ethical dilemmas in working with so-called 'vulnerable' and 'hard-to reach' groups: experiences from the Foodways and Futures project. Educational Action Research Journal.
(8) Gombert, K., Douglas, F., McArdle, K. (2015). Combining different worlds: Interdisciplinarity in action research. Education in the North, 22 (Special Issue), 4-23.
(9) Gombert, K. (2014). Young People, Homelessness, Welfare Reform and Food Poverty in Scotland. Youth Voice Journal, September 2014.
(10) Gombert, K. (2014). An 'Opportunistic Interpretation' of Bentham's Panopticon Writings. Journal Of Bentham Studies, 16.
(11) Van Dalen, R., Gombert, K., Bhattacharya, S. & Datta, S.S. (2013). Mind the mind: Results of a hand-hygiene research in a state-of-the-art cancer hospital. Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology, 31(3), 280-282.
(12) Gombert, K. (2011). 'Transparency and Development', pp. 111-128. In Beckmann, P., Gombert, K., Hoppe, A., Jautz, K., Lindner, M., Roome, J., San Nicoló, H., Schartau, L., Schmälter, J., Stiller, T., Theunissen, A. (2011). 'Trends in Transparency. Changing expectations of transparency in a globalizing world.' MARBLE project, Maastricht University, December 2011.

Relevant Success, Awards and Stipends
2010/11 MARBLE (Maastricht Research Based Learning), Research project financed by the ministry of education for the top 25%
07.2013 Partial Scholarship Bridge Education Abroad Institute, Summerschool, theme conflict resolution, Kosovo
01.2014 Researcher Development Stipend, School of Education, UoA
02.2014 Best first year PhD talk in Session C, Winter Symposium, UoA
04.2014 Researcher Development Stipend, School of Medical Sciences, UoA
09.05.2014 Finalist "3minutes thesis", Speaking Competition, UoA
10.2014 Researcher Development Stipend, School of Medical Sciences, UoA
10.2014 Santander Mobility Award for short term study at another institution (Harvard University)
26.05.2015 Funded place, Facing the Future Conference, University of Dundee
08. - 11.09.2015 Funded place BSA Medical Sociology Conference, University of York
30.10.2015 Funded place SIRE Workshop, University of Stirling
11.2015 Finalist in the category "Youth Research Project Award of the Year" of the IARS Research and Youth Leadership Awards 2015
11.2015 Researcher Development Stipend, School of Medical Sciences, UoA
01.2016 Researcher Development Stipend, School of Education, UoA
09.2017 Writing Retreat Grant Award
11.2017 Highly Commended, Patient and Public Involvement Prize, UK Stroke Forum